When you have questions.

We have answers.

How often do I get paid?

We pay weekly. You can have your check mailed to you or pick it up at the office. We also offer direct deposit.

How do I report my time during a temporary assignment?

We will provide you with a time card to be submitted weekly.

What is the process for full time placement?

When we receive a request for a direct hire, we search our database for candidates who have the qualifications listed in the job description. Once we’ve found potential candidates, we do further review and screening to identify those who best match the skills and experience required by the position. We then submit the resumes of the matching candidates to the Client for the interview process.

How does the temporary assignment process work?

When a Client submits a request for a temporary hire, we review our database to identify potential candidates for the assignment. We then call those candidates to discuss the position and determine whether their skills and experience match the requirements. Qualified candidates are then submitted to the Client for selection.

Do I have to pay HireForces to help me find a job?

No, we never charge a fee to help candidates find a job.

What kind of career resources does HireForces offer?

We offer tips on creating an effective resume, and coaching on interviewing skills.

What happens when my temporary assignment ends?

When your assignment ends, we update your status so you will be available for other temporary requests. It’s a good idea to provide us with an updated resume as new skills, experience or training may provide more opportunities for you.

Am I eligible for unemployment after my assignment is complete?

Yes, you are eligible. When your assignment ends, contact the Employment Development Department (EDD) about starting or resuming unemployment payments.