A process that's simple and efficient.

Job board to on board in 5 easy steps.

  1. Review request. We meet with you to thoroughly understand your requirements – skills, competencies, experience, and education. We also dive a little deeper to learn about your company culture and the employee qualities that make a good fit.
  2. Identify candidates. From our database, media searches, industry contacts, referrals and other talent sources, we identify candidates with the appropriate skills and background.
  3. Screen candidates. We thoroughly screen each candidate to verify skills, experience, interest and availability. In the process, we take time to learn how they think and how they work to determine whether they’re a good fit.
  4. Present qualified candidates. As a result of our experience and comprehensive screening process, we will only present candidates to you who meet at least 90% of your requirements.
  5. Facilitate on-boarding. Once you’ve made a decision, we help the transition from candidate to employee go as smoothly as possible. For temporary placements, we also manage all the paperwork and payroll services.

Your dedicated recruiter and account manager will monitor each step of the process to ensure your needs are being met. Our goal is to create talent/company connections that contribute to career growth for our talent and bottom line results for you.